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Expedited Hauling and Its Benefits

There are many different types of freight transportation you can choose from when you work with our team at Steve Emken Trucking, but one of our most requested services is expedited hauling. Because it’s so popular, we’ve put together this post to explain everything you should know about expedited hauling and the reasons to choose […]

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A Guide to Chaining Up Your Big Rig’s Tires

You don’t have to be an experienced trucker to know that driving a big rig in the winter months can be treacherous. Besides staying alert and following all safety protocols, the best way to stay safe on the road is to chain up your tires in nasty winter weather. Unfortunately, chaining your tires isn’t always […]

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Top Three Reasons Why You Should Hire a Trucking Company

If you’re a small business owner in Oakland, IA and you’re looking to get your goods to your customers, you need to keep efficiency in mind. A good logistics strategy is crucial to running your business efficiently, but if you don’t have a logistical background, you might be at a loss as to what to […]

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