What You Should Know About Dry Van Freight

There are a many different terms shipping companies use to describe their offerings, and many of these are hard to interpret unless you’re in the industry. One of these terms you may hear or see is “dry van freight.”

Dry van freight is one of the most commonly used freight services by businesses across the country. This post will teach you everything you need to know about dry van trucking.

What is a dry van trailer?

A dry van trailer is essentially an enclosed box hauled behind a semi-truck. They get their name because they keep goods dry and protected from the elements and any other type of road debris. The trailers are unrefrigerated, but they will keep non-perishable items in perfect condition throughout the duration of the trip.

What are the dry van trailer dimensions?

Dry van trailers come in a variety of dimensions, which is one of the reasons why they’re the most popular trailers used today. The maximum length for a dry van trailer is 53 feet. These longer trailers are known as “general trailers.” “Pup trailers,” on the other hand, are anywhere from 26 to 29 feet long.

A dry van can come in a few different materials as well, but they’re usually made from galvanized steel, aluminum, iron or even hardwood to keep the products protected from the elements.

When do shippers use dry vans?

A shipping company will employ dry van freight services when they need to deliver anything that’s non-perishable and doesn’t need to be temperature controlled. Commonly shipped items include clothing, electronics, building products, cars, motorcycles and machinery components.

You may also see shipping companies use dry van trailers to transport furniture and household goods for people relocating across the country.

Are there any dry van shipping challenges?

Regardless of the items being shipped or the trailer they’re transported in, there can always be challenges when it comes to shipping. Because dry van trailers aren’t insulated or refrigerated, extremely hot or cold temperatures can pose problems for some items. Because of this, a shipping company may recommend using a different type of truck depending on the season or delivery location.

Most dry van trailers have hardwood floors, which can warp due to moisture or in extreme temperatures. A shipping company must perform regular inspections to ensure the flooring is in good condition and will protect goods during transportation.

How can I find the best dry van freight rates?

The good news is that there are tons of companies nationwide that offer dry van shipping. The bad news is that finding the cheapest, yet most reliable company isn’t always easy. To get the best rate possible, we recommend comparing quotes from several different companies. Be sure to read up on the company and never work with a shipper with poor reviews.

Whether you need to hire a company for dry van freight, oversized hauling or something else, Steve Emken Trucking offers competitive rates for all freight services. Give us a call today to learn more about or capabilities or to get a quote for our services.