Why You Should Consider a Career in Trucking

In the market for a career change? You might want to consider a career in trucking, especially if you enjoy seeing the country, traveling to new places and spending some quality time on your own.

Here’s a quick look at a few of the biggest reasons why you should consider a trucking job:

  • Exploration: If you love the open road and have a desire to see a lot of the country, trucking may very well be a great career for you. With long-haul trucking jobs, you can get an up-close look at all different kinds of landscapes, from the mountains to the plains, forests, deserts and oceans. You’ll see many different parts of the country, interact with many different types of people and even have occasional opportunities to do a bit of exploration at your own leisure.
  • Pay and benefits: Truckers make a decent salary and benefits, which is another big draw for the job. The first year, most truckers will earn more than $40,000, but that number will go up quickly as you gain experience. Plus, there are a lot of trucking jobs that come with bonus incentives. Most carriers provide competitive benefits that will be of great assistance to you and your family.
  • Fast training: You can get started in a trucking career relatively quickly. You can earn a commercial driver’s license from a variety of trucking schools that will get you on the road within a matter of months. Once you’ve got your CDL, there are all kinds of opportunities open to you!
  • Freedom: There’s something to be said for the freedom of a truck driving job. You’re out on the open road, enjoying your favorite music, podcasts or audio books, taking breaks when you want and eating where you want. There’s a lot of independence that goes with being a trucker. There are still plenty of deadlines you need to hit, but so long as you hit those deadlines, you are able to do the job however you like.
  • Stability: Truck driving is a stable position, and this was on full display during the pandemic. While millions of people were laid off or furloughed, truck drivers were in great demand as essential items had to be shipped all over the nation, and as more people began to do their shopping from home. Goods always need to be moved from one place to another—that’s not changing any time soon. Therefore, there’s a lot of job security in the trucking field, which can be another added benefit worth a fair amount of money.
  • Pride: There’s a lot of pride surrounding the work as a trucker. Truck drivers are crucial to commerce in America, and there’s a culture of pride and strength in the field that can be attractive to people looking for meaningful, appreciated work.

For more information about some of the biggest reasons to consider applying for trucking jobs as a career change, we encourage you to contact our trucking company, Steve Emken Trucking, with your questions.