The Importance of Inspecting Your Truck Before a Trip

If you’re a trucker, it’s probably been drilled into your head how important pre-trip inspections are. After all, it’s the best time to ensure everything is working as it should. As much as you might want to hit the road and get the job done, you owe it to others—and yourself—to make sure your truck is living up to safety standards. Here’s why it’s important to inspect your truck before transportation in Oakland, IA:

  • It’s required: The law requires that all truck drivers perform pre-trip inspections before they hit the road. You need to confirm your truck is safe and free from any defects or damages that could harm yourself or others. If you do find any issues, you’ll need to get them fixed before you head out. Even if it costs your employer some money, safety is paramount.
  • It’ll shorten your trip: Imagine getting 100 miles down the road and then finding out there’s a problem with your truck. It’s almost always going to be in the least hospitable, most miserable location around, which means you’ll be stuck in your cab waiting for repairs for hours on end. Plus, your employer will be disappointed because they can’t get all their loads out on time.
  • It saves you (or your employer) some cash: Catching minor problems before they develop into something bigger will save everyone time and money. That weird rattle might cost a certain amount to fix, but having roadside repairs will cost at least three to five times as much. It’s smart (especially if you’re the business owner) to do a thorough pre-trip inspection and point out any issues.
  • You won’t be held responsible for accidents: If you get into an accident while you’re on the road, the first thing investigators and authorities will look for is whether it was caused by an avoidable problem. If they find out that you didn’t complete your pre-trip inspection, they could hold you liable.

What to include in your pre-trip inspection

Your employer probably has a pre-trip inspection checklist, but for safety’s sake, make sure you check everything from head to tail. For example, check the engine and fluids, tires and brakes, air hoses, exhaust and the catwalk. You should also watch out for issues with the coupling device and trailer hitch, as they can cause major problems. Finally, make sure you check the safety devices, including fire extinguisher, safety triangles and fuses.

The importance of a pre-trip inspection in Oakland, IA can’t be overstated. Not only will it make your deliveries more pleasant, but you’ll be less likely to be held liable if an accident occurs. Plus, no one wants to take the risk of accidentally injuring others.

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