Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle as a Trucker

Driving a truck for a living can be a draining job. You spend long hours on the road driving all over the country, dealing with other people on the highways and with the various delays and stoppages that arise. Meanwhile, you have little opportunity throughout the day to get up and be active to recharge yourself.

For this reason, it’s important for truckers in Oakland, IA to be proactive with regard to the steps they take to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Even truckers who will be behind the wheel most of the day are still capable of being healthy individuals.

Here’s a quick overview of some tips to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle as a trucker:

  • Get enough sleep: One of the most common causes of truck accidents is drivers pushing themselves to stay awake to meet tight deadlines. There are federal guidelines that indicate how much time truckers are allowed to spend on the road in a given day or week. But compliance isn’t the only reason to get sleep—it also is simply good for you. Sleep is important for physical and mental health, and will help you stay safer out on the roads.
  • Find times to exercise: We know that it’s easier said than done to find time to exercise, especially when you’re making a cross-country trip on a tight deadline. But there are going to be opportunities for you to make the time—after all, you’re not going to be on the road 24/7. Bring along a pair of running shoes and go for a short run when you reach your truck stops. You might also consider investing in a folding bicycle, which you can use to ride around the perimeter of a truck stop, or at any trails that might exist around a rest area. Consider also having a laptop or tablet that you can use to load up exercise videos.
  • Eat healthy snacks: It’s really tempting to reach for the junk food when you make pit stops at gas stations, but we strongly encourage you to opt for healthier items. This will help you stay more alert on the road and prevent you from packing on the pounds. Great items include mixed nuts, veggies and hummus, beef jerky, string cheese, dried fruits and yogurt. Make sure you eat a good breakfast every day, and avoid foods and drinks with a lot of added sugars. Avoid fast food as much as possible—keep a small fridge in your cabin and make your own meals when possible.
  • Find ways to stay entertained: Keeping your mind stimulated is another way to maintain your health while on the road. Listen to audio books, podcasts or music. You might even consider learning a new language—there are CDs and apps that allow you to listen to and repeat words in another language.

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