Four Great Reasons Why Trucking Is the Best Career Path for You

Thinking about starting a new career in Oakland, IA? Whether you’ve been laid off from your current job or you’re just plain tired of it, making a career change is an exciting prospect. In today’s economy, it can be hard to find a great-paying job that doesn’t leave you feeling stressed and exhausted at the end of each day. If you haven’t considered entering the trucking industry, it might surprise you how rewarding and stable a career as a truck driver can actually be. Read on to discover the four key reasons why trucking is the best career path for you.

It’s a secure and stable industry

When you think about it, the trucking industry affects every other industry in the country. People will always need goods, and there will always be a need for someone to get those goods to their intended destination. What’s more, there’s a huge need for qualified truck drivers, and trucking responsibilities can never be outsourced to countries like India or China. Someone has to be in that seat, on American soil, to get products where they need to be. If you’re wondering why trucking is the best career path for you, just remember that work will always be available, and you’ll have excellent job security.

It pays a great salary

Sometimes, the need for a better salary is the sole requirement for a career change. Those who choose a career in trucking enjoy a great middle-class salary that’s poised to increase in tandem with the demand for qualified truck drivers. As a newly licensed driver, you can expect to earn more than $40,000 in your first year on the road. Many new drivers gain experience at a company for a few years and then decide to go out on their own as owner-operators. Owner-operators pick and choose their loads—basically, they have a great amount of control over their salary.

It’s easy to learn

Many careers with similar salaries require college degrees or other specialized training that takes months or even years to complete. To become a licensed truck driver, you just need a Class D license. As a general rule, it takes at least 160 classroom hours to receive your license. This might sound like a lot of hours, but most new drivers are able to complete training in three to five weeks. You can be on the road and earning a living in a very short time.

It offers a sense of freedom

Who doesn’t enjoy getting out of town and experiencing the open road? As a truck driver, that’s something you get to do every day you’re on the job. Traveling the highways across the country is liberating and therapeutic for many drivers. You can listen to your favorite music, talk radio host or audiobook as you’re getting paid. If you have a desire to see the country, a career in trucking is a great option for you.

Taking up a new career in Oakland, IA is an exciting opportunity. It’s important to weigh your options, your likes and dislikes and your salary requirements before making this big decision. For more information about why trucking is the best career path for you, contact Steve Emken Trucking to see how a rewarding career in trucking can help you reach all your personal and financial goals.