A Guide to Chaining Up Your Big Rig’s Tires

You don’t have to be an experienced trucker to know that driving a big rig in the winter months can be treacherous. Besides staying alert and following all safety protocols, the best way to stay safe on the road is to chain up your tires in nasty winter weather.

Unfortunately, chaining your tires isn’t always a quick and easy process. Thankfully, our team is here to help. Continue reading to learn the basics of how to chain up your big rig’s tires in Oakland, IA.

Pull over

Pulling off the highway is the first step in putting on tire chains. Try to make it to a rest stop or truck station to ensure your safety while you’re out of your truck. But if conditions suddenly worsen and there’s no ideal stopping point in sight, pull as far off the road as possible to keep yourself out of harm’s way.

Lay out the chains

Now that you’re out of the truck, grab your chains and place them flat on the ground with the hooks facing up. We recommend placing the chains near their corresponding tire to keep yourself organized. After they’re laid out, examine them to ensure there aren’t any twisted chains and that they’re in good condition.

Drape the chains

Next, drape the chains over the top of each tire. Each chain should be distributed equally, with half of the chains on each side of the tire. Double-check that the cams are on the outside of the tire and the hooks are on the inside. If it’s currently snowing, be sure to brush any snowflakes off the hooks. Any snow or debris can hinder their functionality.

Drive forward

Your next step in how to chain up your big rig’s tires in Oakland, IA is to drive forward. Driving just a few feet will make the next step easier and help guarantee that they’ll be nice and tight for the remainder of your journey.

Tighten the chains

While all steps are important in putting chains on your big rig, tightening them is perhaps the most crucial. After all, loose chains won’t perform as well, and can even damage the underside of your truck. You’ll want to use a tensioning tightening tool to properly secure each chain, but don’t make them too tight. There should be about one finger’s worth of space between the chain and each tire.

Test the chains

Before you get back onto the highway, we recommend driving a short distance to test the chains. After moving forward, get out and check all of the chains once more. If there are any chains that are too loose or unevenly distributed on the tire, you’ll need to make adjustments before continuing your trip.

Contact Steve Emken Trucking for assistance

If you need more information on how to chain up your big rig’s tires in Oakland, IA, give us a call. Our team of professionals can either walk you through the process or send someone out to connect the chains for you.